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This year Pantone has looked at the sea to give as the color that will set the trend this 2019.

The Institute defines this color: "An animated and life-affirming coral hue with a goldenundertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge."

I love the mix of energy and warmth provided by the red and orange tones of this color and the richness and vitality of the golden tone. It is a color that conveys optimism and strength, as well as sweetness and softness.

When we look back to the beauty of the deep sea, we are aware the importance of conserving these landscapes for what they represent for the future of our planet, because it is there where life begins and we must preserve them with determination.

As an alternative to natural coral, whose reefs we must value and take care of, I use in this chromatic range the pink opal set in yellow gold to highlight its warmth.


I like to combine it with cold colors like the blue of the beautiful sapphires, which create a  contrast of strength, vitality and sweetness.



Another alternative to natural coral can be semiprecious gems like rhodonite, whose black nuances contrast beautifully with the coral tone, giving it a more casual touch:


Also the natural shell can offer degradaded tones that go from the most orange coral to the whitest, as you can see in this design in which I combine shell flowers with pearls in this set of earrings and brooch:


And for the little ones I love to go back to the warmth of pink opal by combining it with some moonstone to give it more brightness and luminosity.


Or with soft blue tones, like that of amazonites which bring joy and tenderness at the same time.


          And, of course, with the always flattering and eternal pearls:


With this vibrant and vital color we await a year full of energy, optimism and joy!

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